Principle 1 in Lean Management : The Long Term Philosophy

That seems logical but it’s not often the cas. Like everything in life, the first thing is to have a Long Term Philosophy.

Find your Mission, not the money

Toyota says : Do the right thing for the company, its employees, the customer, and society as a whole. Costs reduction is not the priority. Money helps only to continue the Mission. We reinvest continuously in the company like an organism nurturing itself.

Toyota’s Mission is to contribute to the economic growth of the country, the well being of team members and the growth of the company.

Show and proof the efficiency to convert people and build trust with employees.

The policy of Toyota is : zero violations.

Use Self-Reliance and Responsibility to decide your own fate

Do it yourself. Go back to the essence of everything.


The content of this post is inspired by the book “The Toyota Way” – Jeffrey K. Liker

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