Principle 10 in Lean Management : Empower your people


Develop exceptional people and teams who follow your company

It’s more important to have mutual respect for the job of the other to be successful as a company. Not just to love each other.

Have groups of 4-8 people, an hourly leader and a group leader for 3-4 groups. Develop excellent individual work and promote effective teamwork. Teams suggest ideas and coordinate. Individuals do the value-added work.

The team members are at the top of the hierarchy. They are the focal point for solving problems. The rest is there to support them. Use bottom-up management, not top-down.

There is always a mentor to support every member day to day. Enrich and empower people by giving them the responsibility to participate in the project from the beginning to the end, from the design phase through the production.

If you want to transform an existing company, you have only one shot to get the culture right. And it takes times 2-3 years minimum. Don’t copy a teamwork system of another company before implementing the new culture.

Toyota created “The perfect attendance award” for unexcused absences or lateness in a year. 

« Excellent individual performers makes excellent teams. »

The content of this post is inspired by the book “The Toyota Way” – Jeffrey K. Liker

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