Principle 3 in Lean Management : Pull

A lot of individuals or companies have often the same problem : inventory. How to avoid it?

Use « Pull » systems to avoid overproduction

The Push system : it’s to push goods and services whether you need them right now. For example : delivering food automatically every week even if you are on holiday.

The Pull System : it’s giving items only when you demand it. For example, you open a bottle of milk, you ask and get a new one the next day.


Kanban is an organised system of inventory buffers where we use a visual sign like a signboard, a doorplate, a poster, a card. It’s something you strive to get rid of. The challenge is to reduce the number of kanban and eliminate the inventory buffer.
For example, it helps you to notice if the gas gauge approaching empty.


Do schedule and move heaven and earth to make the deadline.

« The more inventory you have, the less you have what you need » – Taiichi Ohno

The content of this post is inspired by the book “The Toyota Way” – Jeffrey K. Liker

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