Principle 8 in Lean Management : Use technology carefully


Use only reliable and thoroughly tested technology that serves your people and processes.

Working in a virtual world removes you from hands-on teamwork and takes you away from the “real” work. Technology does not eliminate wastes. Avoiding technology helps you to be creative. Find a balance. Build a culture of reality first.

To find a job, personal contact makes a difference.

Use a pilot area to test it.

Ask : does it add value? Is it compatible with the philosophy? Can we eliminate the wastes in another way?

If the technology is acceptable, it must be highly visual and intuitive. It has to be used where the work is done so it doesn’t require a person in an office to input the data.

Genchi Genbutsu : go look, go see.

« Inventory is a symptom of lack of control. »

The content of this post is inspired by the book “The Toyota Way” – Jeffrey K. Liker

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